Tourist Base

We are ready to offer to you the rooms of various categories, as well as stand-alone cottages, where everybody can make oneself comfortable. Whether you come to rest with your children or with your friends, you will be provided with maximum comfortable conditions of accommodation for good rest with pocketbook-friendly prices.

The complex territory is hidden from view in order to provide additional comfort forresting persons. In the territory of the hunters lodge there is a mountain stream, spanned with small picturesque bridges.

There is rich vegetation, cozy garden-houses, many possibilities for entertainment and recreation: playgrounds, leisure-time entertainments, wood-fired grills. Even on the hottest summer days it is fresh and cozy here, since large green spaces provide pleasant coolness and attract tourists…

Not far away from the tourist base, there is a maral complex. There you can get health-improving measures with the use of unossified antlers baths.