Fishing in Altai is possible almost all the year round. Local lakes are very rich in various fishes, which live nowhere except for Altai lakes and rivers. For example, grayling can be mainly found in foothills. That is due to the fact that grayling has special requirements for oxygen content in water, water clearness extent.

One more unique type is taimen. Siberian taimen overweighs salmon, but it is less dynamic in fight. Fishers take special interest in spinning of this fish.  Ural people call taimen “red pike”.


Altai animal world is very rich and diversified. Here you can find animals living in taiga forests and foothills as well as animals living in steppes and semi-deserts. The most interesting huntable species in Altai are maral and Siberian roe deer.

Maral hunting.

Maral hunting season lasts from June to December, but the most interesting and productive hunting period is the latter part of September, when, during rutting season, bucks bell and dare rivals to a fight for does. Thereby this animal, which is usually hidden, discloses itself. Maral is the biggest of red deer subspecies. Maral’s traditional habitat is mountain forest bordering on Alpine meadows. Maral is a large and wound-strong animal, and shooting distance often exceeds 200...300 meters; that’s why a hunter shall be in excellent form and shall have good shooting skills. For maral hunting, we recommend to use gauge of not less than 7 mm with good optics.


Trip cost - 75 000 rub.


Roe hunting

Trip cost - 60 000 rub.


The trip cost covers the following:

  • approval of the program from the hunting entity;

  • hunting arrangement and implementation;

  • full jaeger-servicing 1*1;

  • travel costs at the hunting area (vehicles and horses);

  • services provided by jaegers, servicing staff;

  • 1 trophy;

  • field processing and packing of trophies;

  • documents for transportation of trophies.

Accommodation at the hunting area: comfortable houses for hunting period. The trip cost does not cover accommodation and food expenses.