Unossified Antler Baths

Unossified antlers are natural product, carrier of curative bio-information of natural origin. As is well known, the use of them arises energetics of the body, improves blood flow, contributes to tissue regeneration, efficiently accelerates muscle tissue restoration after damage as a result of intensive physical loads, as well as slows down body aging processes.

It has been established that the Altai maral unossified antlers contain sufficiently high concentrations of hormones, hormone-like substances, vitamins. Hormones are biologically active substances, which mainly determine the state of physiological functions of the whole body, macro- and micro-structure of organs and tissues and biochemical process rates. Penetrating into blood, hormones make a regulation impact on metabolism and physiological functions. Growth hormone may be distinguished in peptide and protein hormone group. Growth hormone regulates a wide range of biological functions. It influences all body cells regulating intensity of carbohydrate, protein, lipid and mineral substance metabolism. It intensifies biosynthesis of proteins, DNA, RNA and glycogen and promotes fat mobilization from depo and disassimilation of higher fatty acids and glucose in tissues. In addition to activation of assimilation processes accompanied by increase in body sizes, it coordinates and regulates the metabolic process rates.

Sex hormones have a special place in the steroid hormone group. Biological role of sex hormones in a male body is mainly associated with differentiation and functioning of the reproductive system. They regulate spermatogenesis in testicles, promote great anabolic action represented by stimulation of protein synthesis in all tissues, but mainly in muscles.

Our life nowadays with its emotionally stressed rate, lack of physical activity, fail to follow work and rest schedule and healthy diet, leads to decrease in activity of the central nervous system, trophism disruption of all body systems functioning, including heart and vessels, peripheral nervous system, that may result in common premorbid states and diseases of our age – chronic fatigue syndrome, metabolic syndrome, cardiac pathology, locomotor apparatus pathology etc. Long-term state of chronic stress leads to disruption of body adaptation reserves, i.e. disadaptosis. Therefore, it is important to use adaptogen products of both vegetable and animal origin in order to correct this state.

Unossified antlers baths comprise many biologically active fat- and water-soluble substances which supposedly penetrate into the body (systemic blood) through skin and accessible mucous membranes during balneological procedure. Positive effect of unossified antlers baths has been noted by patients with osteochondrosis vertebralis, atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, neurocirculatory dystonia, inflammatory diseases of male and female reproductive system. The patients taking the unossified antlers baths have observed improvement of blood flow properties represented by increase in fibrinolytic activity and decrease in prothrombin ratio. There are four basic positions to be considered as the sources producing positive therapeutic effect of unossified antlers baths: impact of the solution on a large receptive field represented by skin during balneological procedure; minimum therapeutic “aggressiveness”; phylogenetically developed reflex reaction and humoral response to external irritants; a number of fat- and water-soluble substances (one of the conditions for penetration through skin).

With regard to balneological procedures and baths as one of the variants of body interaction with external environment in particular, the solution is a number of natural irritants having a complex physicochemical structure. Precisely for this reason its impact on the body can be characterized as less specific, but much more complex and integrated, influencing a great number of functional systems and elements. The basis of therapeutic effect is in launching of multi-contour reflex mechanism with participation of nervous and humoral components of reaction to temperature, chemical and mechanical factors.

Positive effect of unossified antlers baths is observed after 4-6 procedures at the earliest: decrease in quantitative and qualitative characteristics of complaints, decrease in anxious feeling, increase in performance capability and sleep improvement.

Altai maral unossified antlers have powerful curative properties:

  • improve immunity, vital forces of the body (it is especially important in long Siberian winter)

  • slow down aging processes, have pronounced rejuvenating cosmetic effect

  • promote weight reduction, normalize metabolism

  • normalize functioning of heart-vascular system

  • increase sexual potency, restore and prolong active sexual life and reproductive function

  • effective for osteochondrosis and other diseases of locomotor apparatus, have analgetic action

  • enhance mental and physical activity

  • effective for urinary diseases

  • after infection diseases (pneumonia, bronchitis, genyantritis, laryngitis, flu), overfatigue etc.

Therefore, Altai maral unossified antlers are marvelous natural adaptogene product carrying powerful energetics of the bleak nature of Mountain Altai preserved for you in a state of nature.